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 Political Principles:

1. Governance for Economic Growth -> Governance for Ecological Thrivability
2. Concentration of Power -> Distribution of Power
3. Representative Democracy -> Participatory Democracy

Political shift


Political Shift Questions:

1. How do we end the subsidizing of animal products for food and get Big Ag to pay for their use of the fresh water supply and land use? - Ending Subsidies Study Group
2. How do we govern ourselves without political boundaries?
3. How do we get politicians who run on a plant-based platform? How do we get laws for sentient beings?
4. How can we dismantle our current toxic government? We can’t reason with greed and capitalism. How do we set higher standards?
5. How do we create political equilibrium in our world and root out deception and greed?
6. How can we eliminate wealth and the owners of capital’s influence on the political process?
7. How do we get out political systems and health care systems to understand that a plant-based public will save their precious $$$?
8. What kinds of legislative, policy, structural and economic strategies will reverse the externalization of the costs of animal ag, fishing onto the environmental, health, mental health, community etc.?
9. How should we vote, Democratic, Green or Humane? Obviously, the Humane party is more aligned with our ideals, but from a strategic standpoint, it might make more sense to vote Democratic to get all of the Republicans who want to protect wealth the heck out of there!
10. How do we get the Green party to become more involved in bringing up Veganism?
11. Do we promote reform or revolution? What kind of reform, or what kind of revolution?
12. How do we transition the US/world to new political principles as quickly as possible?
13. How do we stop the Farm Bill - as a nearer term goal - from supporting animal agriculture?
14. How do we collapse the current monetary system and replace it with something more equitable?
15. As we subvert the hierarchical, patriarchal paradigm, can we create a non-hierarchical, nonviolent system of non-government?
16. How can we get all vegans to back up/join the Humane party, a vegan, national political party?
17. Can we really work within the current system if it is so corrupt already?
18. How do we align ourselves with non-vegan political parties or groups, e.g., Democrats, Socialists, Sierra Club, etc.?
19. How do we get money out of politics?
20. What happened to “We, the People”? Shift the paradigm for capitalist contraption to “For the best of all”
21. What is the catalyst in a paradigm shift in consciousness?
22. How can Vegans advocate hunting/fishing rights for indigenous people?
23. How do we get more Vegans elected?
24. How can we get more people on board to vote for the Humane party?

political new model


Political New Model Questions:

1. How do we shift from governing separate countries to governing each ecosystem factor?
2. What would a decentralized government and currency look like?
3. How do we insure the interests of assorted marginalized populations are addressed effectively?
4. How do we overturn Citizens United so that we can get money out of politics?
5. How do we create politics based on Vegan compassion, animal rights and environmental stability?
6. How do we remove someone from office who is not looking out for the collective well being?
7. How do we govern ourselves/community without egos?
8. Can we create a political system that is not based on hierarchies and is equal in ranks?
9. How would an environmentally responsible country interact with other countries which are not environmentally responsible or less so?
10. Aside from voting and living a vegan lifestyle, what actions can we take that will have the most impact?
11. What kind of structures will insure inclusion, equality and justice for those who don’t fully embrace veganism?
12. How do we avoid substituting the oppression of animals with the oppression of those who don’t identify as Vegan?
13. How do we reclaim our right as sovereign citizens under local community/state rule?
14. Will we still vote in regular elections?
15. How can we protect our rights with our government?
16. How will things get done? Are there certain rules?
17. How can we show the true cost to taxpayers and how oppression parallels that of nonhuman animals?
18. How do we make our new system impervious to selfishness and greed?
19. How do we govern ourselves without political boundaries?