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 Ecological SHIFTS

1. Monocultures -> Biodiversity (Food Forests)
2. Climate Destruction -> Climate Healing
3. Ecological Overshoot -> Ecological Thrivability
4. Artificial Scarcity -> Natural Abundance
5. Death-dealing -> Life-enriching

ecological SHIFT


ecological shift questions:

1. How can we educate in schools, globally, to stop speciesism? - Speciesism Education Study Group
2. How do we help farms transition their businesses and what happens to all the millions of animals?
3. How can we respectfully and effectively communicate with environmentalists who don’t acknowledge animal agriculture’s role, especially those fixed on rotational grazing?
4. How do we involve the education system into learning as part of curriculum and future careers?
5. How many large animals can the planet support? What percent should be human and what percent should be wild? (e.g., “Half Earth” by E. O. Wilson)
6. How do we change the conversation from CO2, fuels, and energy to animal ag and its more potent greenhouse gases?
7. How do we restore the Rainforest and bring balance to the crisis of species extinction?
8. How do we rapidly communicate the environmental urgency to motivate timely change?
9. How do we change the conversation from sustainability to regenerative and restorative?
10. How can we green the deserts with Veganic farming?
11. How do we come together in a safe container with animal agriculturalists and how can this be created?
12. How do we link economic policies with ecological realities and how do we integrate veganism into these policies?
13. How do we teach animal and nature communication globally?
14. How do we change the idea of hunting as “conservation”?
15. How do stop soil erosion, which is happening 10 to 80 times faster than soil formation?
16. How do we get every human being to actively put their hands in the dirt and heal the Earth with Veganic permaculture, creating abundant forest gardens, etc., and rehabilitating wildlife habitats?
17. When animal liberation happens, how do we create space for the farmed animals, aquatic sea life, etc.?
18. How can we help people understand that air travel, especially long distances, is environmentally destructive?
19. How do we deal with all the released animals (from zoos and other captive places) into conservation efforts?
20. How do we shift animal ag to plant-based agriculture?
21. How do we eradicate the use of fossil fuels?
22. How can we implement sustainability practices?
23. How do we raise awareness of the rapid deforestation in Brazil for Animal Ag?
24. How do we involve city planning into creating a greener country/cities?
25. How do we feed all humans and domestic animals using Veganic regenerative agriculture?
26. How do we make Vegans ALL-IN environmentally sustainable (including zero waste, plastics and other consumer habits?)
27. How to advocate for HEMP fuel/plastic?
28. Is it possible to add Veganism in the educational system?
29. How can we ensure ecosystems end forced collapse?
30. How can we get governments to fund the transition from factory farming to sanctuary?
31. How can we get farm subsidies for Animal Ag reduced or eliminated?

ecological new MODEL


ecological New Model Questions:

1. How do we rehabilitate areas poisoned by toxic factory farms? - Land Rehabilitation Study Group
2. How do we initiate the healing and balancing of the biomass crisis through Veganic Permaculture world wide? - Veganic Permaculture Study Group
3. How do we acquire forest and ranch lands to heal and preserve to sequester the carbon we need to save life from extinction?
4. What is the maximum sustainable human population and what is the optimum human population in a Vegan world?
5. How do we transition the organic market to Veganic in order to have sustainable and healthy produce without compromising ethics?
6. How do we deal with/dismantle our current cities/structures and redesign how we live, interact and travel?
7. How do we rehabilitate inner cities and suburban sprawl so that these spaces support life and community?
8. How can we limit population growth without coercion?
9. How do we deal with invasive species who are making regeneration hard?
10. How do we stop using rainforest destroying Palm Oil?
11. How do we change the idea of property and ownership?
12. How do we deal with overpopulation of wildlife such as deer?
13. How do we transform city planning to protect wildlife, forest, animals?
14. How can we create wildlife corridors connecting countries and continents?
15. How can farmers make more money not raising and killing animals?
16. How do we plan to restore deforested land in countries like Brazil where cattle farms used to be?
17. Should we establish a policy of “half Earth” for wilderness (not humans, not agriculture, not domesticated animals)?
18. How can we stop people from drinking cow’s milk?
19. How much Veganic agriculture can/should the Earth support?
20. How do we ensure people are Vegan?